Adult young married ministry

adult young married ministry

DBC Young Adults is a ministry for young adults in their 20's and Married Bible Fellowship exists to glorify God by cultivating authentic community.
I am thrilled that more and more research is being done to help churches figure out the best ways to minister to young adults, married and single, no longer.
Our Married Couples Ministry's goal is the use a unique blend of events, small group studies, engaging conferencs, and guest speakers with a single purpose in....

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I loved my wife and looked forward to sharing my life with her, much more so than going to sleep every night in a room with a bunch of messy guys. As much as young adults like spending time in settings with people who are similar to them, they also really enjoy the chance to connect with people who are very different from them. Thrive is committed to helping you and your marriage grow through biblical teaching and fellowship. Then present your ideas for young adult ministry. Select a field to search:. But making disciples — whether they are young married couples, families, or our young, single-adult friends — happens when we walk in the footsteps of Jesus.
adult young married ministry

Keep your eyes open for notices in RidgeLines, adult young married ministry, or visit ridgeLINK for upcoming events and activities. But as a single adult, I was too old for youth ministry but felt too young for many of "adult young married ministry" small groups and Bible studies the church offered. How could you design a similar class on marriage for all your singles? Discuss how to make marriage all that God intended it to be! So if we aren't looking to God for our identity, then we can't make disciples for Jesus — because we aren't experiencing that same discipleship in our own hearts. Bible Training Center for Pastors. Young Marrieds in a Young Adult World. There are opportunities to learn what it's like to navigate career changes, family development, and the stuff of life that can only come from people in a different stage of life than other young adults. View Thrive Ministry Calendar. If you put a twist on one, put a twist on the. As a ministry, it is our prayer that God may richly bless your marriage, that it may be protected from evil, and that your marriage would strengthen and grow so that you can be massages girl special blessing to .